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Are you an online marketer? Then, you are probably keeping a keen eye on your SEO strategies. True that because visibility in the online space is not easy or cheap. You need to be seen in the right way, at the right time, by the right people. That’s where Google has kept its tab on. With Panda, Google ensures to weed out the good content from...

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by TRIDIV DAS | Oct 27,2015 | Tags : Business Communication

We all want to win, and there’s always a hope that someday we will win. Most people only hope and wait for circumstances and situations in life to improve for them, to win. Only few people have gathered the courage and attitude to go beyond their circumstances. When you have the realization that there is no point in waiting for...

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by TRIDIV DAS | Nov 12,2015 | Tags : Business Management

“Mankind will evolve much rapidly than it did in last 100 years.” Humans as specie is still evolving, and it will evolve further, even now a part of our tribal days still exist within us. Future is taking shape right now across the world. What is shaping the future is similar to what created life; it started with Carbon, In the cosmic...

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by TRIDIV DAS | Feb 23,2016 | Tags : Food for Thought