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March 2020

The year may have come to an end but the impact it made to our life is going to continue. It has dramatically changed the way we live, work, play and learn. Therefore, it's time to gather everything we have learnt and prepare for the year ahead. A few interesting things amongst all the things acquired is the number of new life skills and wisdom people have gathered in the last year. People are now more concerned about Hygiene. Younger generations have learned about savings. People have learned...

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by Tridiv Das | Nov 30,2020 | Tags : Marketing Management

Like mankind, economies and businesses are also vulnerable to threats that are beyond the control of the policy makers, the industry leaders or the stalwarts of the business units. While onset and the advancement of any epidemic is not purely in the hands of the decision makers and society, but they can learn from past experiences and be better prepared for the future.  Some of the key practices that businesses need to inculcate in their core model can be outlined as below: - Being...

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by Tridiv Das | Mar 17,2020 | Tags : Business Management