B2B Direct Marketing in the digital age.

As, a specialised B2B Direct Marketing Consultant, we understand the nuances that emerge when planning for effective B2B Direct Marketing.

B2B Direct Marketing involves breaking a market into segments and then concentrating your marketing efforts on one or a few key segments that consist of the customers who are most likely to use your product or service offerings. It can be one of your best marketing practise to attract prospect customers, increasing sales, and grow your business pipeline. But then no gain without pain. As a specialised direct marketing consulting firm, we understand there's a lot at play to make direct marketing as a success. While its the secret marketing weapon, not using it wisely results in annoyed customers, spamming, and host of other issues. Most blatantly used of direct marketing are the use of tele-calling activity and mass mailing or SMS; it completely defeats the purpose and science of B2B Direct Marketing. The bitter truth is that it is not supposed to be a spray and pay activity, and it demands meticulous planning. Just because you have bought or acquired a database and have a mass mailing too, you cannot spam inbox of your random prospects. The real effectiveness of Direct marketing stems for your efforts in aiming your solutions or products to the right targetted audience in the most cost-effective manner.

1. There Are Many Direct Marketing Mediums.

Email marketing and tele-calling activities conjure the mind of a B2B Marketeer. They get obsessed with the usage of bulk email marketing. Unfortunately, such a marketing strategy if not used wisely, it will utter wastage of resources and time. In a typical day, an average person receives about 50-100 mails, if they spend a minute per email, they will loose roughly an hour and half of their time. As a result, more than 80% of email users delete such emails. Therefore as a B2B marketing consultant, we recommend using different media opportunities, including direct mail marketing, newspaper inserts, social media, in-app marketing and many more depending on our immediate reach. We have done some of the best direct mail marketing for our B2B customers, highly disruptive and creatively packaged, they work like magic. More than 70% of prospect recalls the direct mailer even after years.

2. There Are Many Personas Within A Prospect Database

As a B2B Direct Marketing Consultant, our priority starts with analysing and profiling of your database. Over the last decade, we have assisted many organisations in optimising their direct marketing effort, which has resulted in an increased customer pipeline. One of the most common mistakes we have come across is the missing profiling of their prospect and customer database. Imagine you are unmarried and 20 years old, and businesses have wrongly targetted you for diapers? Or you are a evolved business owner, but the email asks you to upload your CV for data entry job, or you could be a luxury buyer who is getting emails for cheap second-hand goods that are on sale. While you may laugh, such mistakes happen even in the B2B Direct marketing effort. Database profiling is a must-do activity for B2B marketeers, more so in the age of Account-Based Marketing (ABM)

3. There Is The Witchcraft Of Writing Persuasive Communication

When armed with the intelligence of your database personas, your creative team can do an excellent job of storytelling. Direct marketing need not be boring and dull informative. As a B2B Direct Marketing Consultant, we recommend the use of the most compelling story for the selective audience, even if you have the same product and solution for everyone. for example, if you are selling laptops, which today is used by almost everyone, there is a difference it is used. A student, a homemaker, an elderly couple and professional will use different applications about their requirement. How one industry uses your product and solution is entirely different from other industry. As a power back up company, you will need to know the criticality of the sector during a downtime.

There Is A Method To B2B Direct Marketing.

As a specialised B2B Direct marketing consultant, we understand all the parameters of a successful Direct marketing effort. If you are looking for someone to design the best direct marketing strategy, then reach to us, our specialists will do that for you.