Turn business intelligence into effective B2B Creative Campaigns

As, a B2B Marketing Specialist, we understand the complexities that emerge when planning for effective B2B creative campaigns. Unfortunately, many businesses fail to realise that B2B campaigns need not be boring and dull. The primary reason for this is the misconception that humans sitting inside large customer organisations are just cold robots. While in B2C creative campaigns, we see highly engaging and entertaining content, B2B creative campaigns are often getting a bland and dull informative outlook. Well, not anymore, we are a decade old business consulting and communication firm, and we have been churning out highly creative and engaging creative campaigns. We have listed the hurdles one needs to overcome to get creative with your B2B creative campaigns.

1. Longer Sales Cycle

Unlike a B2C creative campaign, which induces impulsive buying, a B2B customer evaluates multiple parameters, which is time-consuming. Therefore, the need to sustain the creative campaign and it cannot be just one exciting television commercials. The other variable is the ticket value- deal size, the bigger the deal size, the longer it takes to close the cycle. We at Creative factor have a fully matured customer journey loop which allows us to get creative at every stage of the customer buying journey.

2. Prospect Customer Multiple Touchpoints Interactions

A B2B customer collects information and details about their buy from multiple touch point. Therefore just digital, or only events will not work. The most company solely relies on B2B Networking events to get introduced to the prospective customer and then follow up with the customer over cold calls and colder mails. How often you felt annoyed with banking tele-callers called up for a personal loan despite your refusal? In this digital age, the cold calls have shifted to social media, does your B2B creative strategy covers the conversational nature of social media world? A more warm prospect is looking for answers on google. They count on the internet to supply them with the solutions to their problems, how effective are your search strategy? Will you show up on the top three answers on google's first page? If a customer landed on your company website, they are evaluating you with other competitors, so have you factored the customer experience on your website?

3. Weak Efforts In Brand Building

Ages ago reaching large audiences with marketing campaigns was reserved for big corporations with bigger budgets to burn?. Sorry, but those days are gone. Today, staying competitive remains a big challenge for B2B companies as even a small start-up can launch an integrated marketing strategy using Search, social media, direct marketing, thought leadership events and webinars. A good question for you to ask is "What makes you different from everyone else?". Especially when you make competitive products and solutions. Your brand perception will matter at the last round of the buyer's journey, and thus it is important to share your brand story and to humanise your brand so that more prospect feel connected with your business. In a nutshell, creativity and storytelling are just as crucial for B2B as for B2C companies because times have changed. The people who interact with B2C businesses are the same that will interact with yours.

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