Why Account-Based (ABM) Marketing is Critical for B2B Companies?

As, a B2B Marketing Specialist, we design and develop customised account-based marketing to increase the engagement between brands and their core customers. At a strategic level, we establish engagement modules which allow the sales team to interact with their customer base more often in a more meaningful way, thus allowing them to showcase their solutions to customers more effectively and establish thought leadership. At a macro level, our ABM program helps transform a target prospect into leads, assisting the sales team to improve their ability to drive value from opportunities.

We focus on improving results from B2B marketing programs. Account-based marketing is a critical part of any B2B organisation marketing strategy. Our comprehensive covers the following aspects of the program

  • ABM strategy
  • Content for ABM
  • Targeted advertising
  • Prospect and lead management
  • Relationship management
  • Sales training

New To ABM?

Allow us to simplify for you. ABM is a b2b marketing strategy that directs marketing resources to engage with a specific set of target account(s). For a perfect ABM strategy and outcome, it demands sync between sales and marketing teams. This alignment is essential because of the need for personalisation at the account level. To be able to connect with your key customers at their business requires more insights and focus from the sales team. The insights for the sales team is then utilised by marketing and communication teams to create more engaging interactions through events or through digital mediums. The advantage for the business comes from the higher number of interactions, which leads to higher revenue in a much shorter timeframe and increased awareness of the solutions that can be provided to the customer.

Why Should You Invest In An ABM Strategy?

ABM focuses on strengthening your relationship and thought leadership with your high-value customer. It allows you to focus on the 20% of your accounts which generates maximum revenues for your company. It is a highly personalised approach that allows your customer to discover your solutions more holistically and create opportunities for partnerships driven business. AMB is the opposite of spray and prays marketing strategies and therefore, it generates maximum ROI from your initiatives. In a nutshell, it is a win-win-win strategy for your marketing, sales and customer.

Connect with us to discover more about how you can go about launching your ABM strategy for your business. Our business and marketing consultants will guide you through the entire journey.