We are a tribe,
We are CFians

We enable businesses to make the best of the opportunities and thrive in the world of uncertainty and flux. We believe that the progress of our world largely depends upon the evolution in our workplaces. Every organization, large or small, public or private, is an enabler and responsible for our society. We enable the people who run and work in these organizations through our business consulting and communication practices.

As a B2B Specialty Business consulting and communication professional, we understand the B2B Business Models and their Operations. We leverage our Business Intelligence, Strategic Thinking Models, Human-To-Human (H2H) Business Relationships, Creativity, Communication and Domain Expertise across Technology, Manufacturing, Digitization and Sustainability to deliver Unconventional Business Solutions and approaches to Global Clientele.

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CF+ Is a purpose driven organization, and our sole purpose is to ensure our client businesses are growing. We believe that marketing and management of business is critical for the sustenance and growth of organization – that creates livelihoods. Our goal is simple, to make things work for our clients. We collaborate with clients and other agencies to collectively produce results. With Business Consulting and Communication as our core, we solve business challenges, and we continue to focuson strengthening the relationships that matter to every business.

Our Unique Approach to problem-solving and our trained professionals are our biggest USPs.

We saw how different branches of advertising and marketing broke apart, forming independent industry segments. So typically, if a marketing head wants to launch a campaign, he/she will end up briefing multiple types of agencies, and every organization will end up giving solutions from their segment. So, the event agency will provide an event solution; a social media company will offer a social media solution. It is much like if you have the hammer as your only weapon, you'll end up fixing all the problems as nails. It makes the life of marketing heads and managers more daunting. With this segmentation, the client is not dealing with the real question, and is forced to deal with different media streams. Our method, on the other hand, is first to discover the real challenge and then to find the most effective means to deal with the problem. Our passion for problem-solving, and our team's commitment to ensure that we deliver on that promise is our most prominent cultural victory. CFians are a tribe.

Our Culture

Cfians are a tribe.

The business world needs a new model of workplace design: Purpose Driven Workplace that abolishes the star culture. The core purpose is to bring out the best in talent, building a humancentric, empowering and resilient culture. We are designing a workplace of tomorrow, today. With our talent, we enable businesses to make the best of the opportunities and thrive in the world of uncertainty and flux. We believe that the progress of our world largely depends upon the evolution in our workplaces. Every organization, large or small, public or private, is an enabler and responsible for our society. We replaced some of the evaluation parameters that allow a humancentric workplace to thrive. Eg, Productivity to Purpose, Efficiency to Energy, Performance to Passion, Code of Conduct to Culture, Manager with Mentor, Employee with Tribe.

Quick Facts

Year of Inception

> 2009


> Bengaluru
> Gurgaon
> Chennai

Total Headcount:

> 40+ and growing

Our Initiatives

We are building a
community to help MSMEs

Supporting SMEs: www.ceobottomline.com

During the course of our journey, we realised that we also need to support Small and Mid-sized organisations. The challenges of SMBs are unique to their stage, and the method that works for a large enterprise will not work in smaller companies. However, despite the change of scale, even the smaller companies need to establish healthy relationships with their Employees, Customers, Partners, Channels and Investor. Our bandwidth was limited, so we took our time to develop our training programs, team members and formed new partnerships to cater to the Small and Mid-Sized Enterprises. Today, we support the Founders and CEOs of SMEs in resolving their bottlenecks to scale. These companies are the real backbone of our country as they provide more than 40% of employment. We did multiple in-depth studies of the SMEs and discovered that many of them are stagnant, or growing marginally due to lack of investment capital, talent, management practices, and changes in the economy. Once we identified the key areas, we went ahead and started building frameworks that will help them understand and deal effectively with their actual problems. We work as an extended team to customise, fine-tune and develop a plan that suits their organisation

We are imagining new possibilities for our planet and people

Supporting Sustainable Development: www.greenfactor.in

We create products and services that enable humanity to co-exist with other life forms on this planet in a balanced and sustainable ecosystem. We will be a catalyst in making available the most important resources required for life to flourish – Air, Food, Water and allied Lifestyle products & experiences through eco-friendly responsible development, and at an acceptable price at all times.

Our planet was discovered with an abundant supply of natural resources for all life forms to exist side by side, thrive, and prosper; with the ability to replenish it over its natural course. The enormous strides of human driven evolution fuelled by technology has taken a toll on the resources, and has impacted the living conditions and natural habitats of the inhabitants of this planet.

This unplanned and disproportionate exploitation & expansion has started revealing signs of potential hazards in the near immediate future that will be a threat to the very existence & survival of the human race, and other lifeforms.
The recent pandemic has created havoc across the globe, & is only a small glimpse into what can happen to all of us if we go against nature and do not embrace responsible living, in a sustainable manner.
Advancements in industries, technologies and platforms are required to make living conditions safer and easier for the human race, but this should not come at the cost of compromising on the harmony of nature, that might jeopardize the existence of all life forms and push it to the verge of extinction.